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Social commitment:
Being women today in Italy


Results of on-going research

The research “Older workers and learning in the industrial activities: when objects and personal senses matter" has produced on-going results, presented in seminars and conferences. Below you can find various materials used on different occasions in the form of papers, short essays and commented slides:


The Contribution of Cultural Historical Activity Theory    PDF 48Kb 18-Apr-2005
Ageing e formazione professionale    PDF 254Kb 21-Feb-2006
Ageing and vocational training     PDF 252Kb 21-Feb-2006
Ageing workforce and innovation in Italy     PDF 278Kb 11-Sept-2006
Strategy of production and learning    PDF 140Kb  4-June-2009
Older workers and apprenticeship    PDF  57Kb  15-Oct-2009